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  1. Andy and Carol says:

    Having met Ian and Caron and been invited to fish Etang de Vost while on holiday last year (2008)I have to say we had a great time, enjoying excellent hospitality, and managing to catch 14 fish, both original and introduced stock. This was over three day sessions, the fish put up a cracking fight and were in pristine condition, we shall certainly be back in 2009 to try to catch what should by now be the 40lb+ mirrors introduced in 2007. Andy and Carol.

  2. PAT THE HAT says:

    How can this happen a lake full of stunning scaly mirror carp. With no silly names in a secluded quiet part of France,stocked with carp to 40 pounds and growing in beautiful surroundings waiting for you to get a bend in your rod. yeah can you believe it? I did & had a great time was looked after well by the owners Ian & Caron , looking forward to going back later this year

  3. Andy & Carol says:

    2009 in France and we were lucky to be at our holiday home at the same time as the lake was free of bookings and Ian was there to work. Invited to fish for two day sessions we caught stunning commons and mirrors, again, both introduced and original fish. While certainly not a “runs water”, due to the unpressurised fishing, using relatively simple rigs we have not blanked while only fishing during the daytime. Daytime temperatures were in the mid 20′s in the shade, with mega sunshine raising the water temperature well beyond UK limits, this meant the fish were very active and although we missed the forty mark our thirty means we are getting closer all the time. Night fishing may be the way to go, I just need to persuade my wife to forego a comfy bed!

  4. Pat The Hat says:

    WOW what a place I did three nights on etang de vost and had no sleep 27 hard fighting monster carp graced my net can’t thank Ian enough for everything and can’t wait to go back

  5. Rob Nolan says:

    Me and my son recently went for a weeks fishing at etang de vost. We arrived early just as day was breaking and was pleased to find such a stunning unspoilt lake. We walked around and picked our spot for camp and set up. My son’s previous best was 7lb so to go home with a 33lb mirror and beating his dad he was well pleased. We had a fantastic week with 33 fish, 4 x 30+ a hat full of mid 20′s and good doubles, can’t wait to get back in the summer thanks Ian for a great holiday.

  6. Craig Becconsall says:

    Early May, my cousin Paul and I took 2 days out to spend fishing at Lac De Vost which I had arranged with Ian in advance of our trip. Ian was very helpful when I phoned and we were soon booked on the lake. When we arrived the weather had been unusually cold for the time of year and we thought we would be grateful for the odd fish but 2 days later we were very happy with a haul of 11 hard fighting carp to 29lbs a mix of commons and mirrors. With the help of wizard baits whos party mix and maize was the order of the day, we had a great time!
    Many Thanks hope to go back soon.

  7. Andy Clark says:

    Just got back from a fantastic three days at Lac de Vost. What a great venue ! The established tree lined banks makes a welcomed change from fishing barren holes in the ground in France. I have caught fish from all over France in the past 10 years and have never had carp that fight as hard as these fish. I finished up with eight twenties and two doubles to 26lb. I spotted one or two fish that i would estimate at mid forties but they seem to elude me this time. Ian the owner was a fantastic host and i can’t wait to get back there. It’s not always about trying to catch that big 70lb carp and sitting around for a week blanking.
    This place can guarantee you runs which in this day and age is a rarity in France.
    Many thanks for a great time.

  8. Paul Reeve says:

    At this lake i think you need to expierience the fight that these Carp give you when you hook them to fully understand how powerful these fish are.I have just spent three days fishing at Lac De Vos and managed to bank 24 Carp in that period up to 35-1 lb and my body feels like its just run a marathon after some of the fights the fish put up. I had one particular fish of 28-12 that took an incredible 40 minutes to land and i didnt even get a glimpse of it until the last couple of minutes of the fight. Now i have been Carp fishing for over 30 years in England and France and i can honestly say that i have never had a Carp fight that hard in all that time and during the fight i was thinking to myself this surely cant be a Carp that ive got on and that it must be a Catfish so when i finally got my first glimpse of it near the net i was a little bit shocked to say the least when i saw that it was a Carp. The only downer i had during this trip was when i lost a big fish at the net when the hook pulled which i would be amazed if it wasnt well into the forties but thats fishing i guess you win some and you lose some.The lake its self is a joy to fish with plenty of features to fish to with some lovely overhanging trees on the far margin to tuck your baits under and the margins on the side of the lake that you fish from shouldnt be ignored either as i had a fair few fish from these too.I took my own bait with me but purchased some of wizzards plum boilies from the owner while i was there and ended up using the plum on all 3 rods in the end as they seemed to be giving me more runs than the bait i had taken with me. Other pluses on this lake is that the swims are all on one side of the lake so you dont get anyone opposite you casting over your lines and there is a village which is only about five minutes drive away so any supplies you may need are easy to hand. In all a great lake to fish with a very helpful owner and i for sure will be back to have another crack at these fish as soon as i can.

  9. Admin says:

    AnglingTimes Review

    Mark Sawyer who is tackle editor for Angling Times did an article for the magazine after a trip to Etang De Vost with his mates Johnathon Taylor from Dynamite Baits and Simon Wheeler from Daiwa . He wrote why not pay a visit to Ian Mounceys beautiful Etang De Vost Lake in the Limousin region of France ? The shallow 4-5 acre lake in a peaceful woodland setting is ideal for small groups of anglers. Numerous features include an old river bed an inlet stream and loads of marginal cover. Mark Johnathon and Simon enjoyed a four day session and had some fantastic action using a straightforward boilie approach and banked well over 40 Carp up to 43 lb but unfortanately didnt manage to bank the lakes biggest known Mirror that is pushing just short of 50 lb. Stocks in Etang De Vost are very young fish that are still growing at a rapid rate and it shouldnt be long before the venue produces its first 50. Bookings for small groups of up to 4 anglers will give you and your mates the freedom of being the only ones on the lake and at £600 to book the lake exclusively for the week on a drive & survive basis this offers fantastic value as well as fantastic fishing.

  10. Jon Peel says:

    Rob and I went to Etang De Vost in early October 2011. As we arrived we were greeted by a beautiful looking woodland lake. As we walked round the lake we noticed a few fish topping and thought we were going to be in for a good week. The first two fish wereon the bank within an hour of starting, we were still setting up the bivvys. The week was cold but managable and alot of fun. The fish were very hard fighting and they looked alot bigger than they actually are. A wonderfull week and we will be back, maybe in the winter for the pike.
    Caught almost 50 fish in the week, and had 4 over 30lbs, biggest at 39lbs.
    All the fish fought really well and were prestine. we also caught a few original fish.
    Thanks must go to Ian for looking after us and making our week amazing, also many thanks to bill

  11. pedro.dittrich says:

    If your looking for stunning french scenery, big hard fighting carp and hospitality thats second to none then look no further than etang de vost!!
    My week started with a bang when my first hour of fishing produced two commons to 23lb 8oz topped by a chunky 30lb mirror. Unfortunately the rain/strong winds had just started which turned out to be the trend for the week, although this didn’t effect the fishing.
    Over the next 24hrs another 3 chunky mirrors graced the bank after heart stopping fights in the shallow water that my peg held. Sport slowed up for the next few days for me as my friends in deeper water were haling due to cold conditions. Despite these conditions i still managed a beautifully scaled mirror just shy of 30lb at dawn on our fourth day.
    By midweek Ian had lived up the his reputation as a great host, knowledgeable angler and helpful baliff as anything we needed was taken care of with speed!
    Facilities on site didn’t disappoint with a fridge to store bait/food etc kitchen area to prepare meals and plenty of points to charge bait boat batteries, phones etc. I ended up with 11 fish to 30lb from a lake that has produced 50+ carp in a week to one lucky angler in better conditions so was very happy with my results! if i can pass on one tip it would be to tip your baits with pink or yellow as this proved the best tactic for the week. The water is coloured due to being stream feed so it definately helped pinpoint your hookbait among the silt. A big thank you to Ian for a fantastic weeks fishing and when time allows i will be back to have a go at his 50′s!!

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